A Life Time Love
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A Life Time Love

A Life Time Love

上古情歌 (2017)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Actors: Huang Xiao Ming, Song Victoria, Sheng Peter, Zhang Li, Zhai Ronald, Luo Yunxi, Wu Janice, Shen Tai, Liu Shuai Liang, Xi Yu Li, Zhang Shuang Li, Li Jin Rong, Cui Kyle, Kuang Can, Li Shang En, He Chuck, Hao Ze Jia, Si Yuan, Sun Bo Yang, Wang Kai Ying
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Dragon TV
Also Known As: Once Promised,Ancient Love Song,Ancient Time's Love Song,A Lifetime Love
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2017
Episode: Ep 54 / 54
He falls in love with XuanYang Ruo / Mu Qing Mo at first sight, and openly pursues her once they meet again a couple of years later. She eventually reciprocates his affections, even though her brother had already promised her hand in marriage to the powerful noble Lingyun Shenglun. Shenglun is aware their marriage is only for alliance purposes, and promises to keep their relationship platonic. However, he eventually becomes attracted to the heroine, and is determined to keep her by his side forever.
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