Love and π
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Love and π

Love and π

愛的3.14159 (2018)

Genres: Unknown
Actors: Wu Ben, Shao Ivy, Yang Candy, Lan Blue, Lee Jack
Directors: Unknown
Networks: TTV
Also Known As: Ai De 3.14159,Love and 3.14159
Duration: 90 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Taiwanese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 17 / 15
"Love 3.14159" (English: Love and 3.14159), the 13th work of the 2018 Dongsen TV homemade drama series. Starring Wu Sixian, Shao Yuwei, Chen Datian, Li Wei and Yang Xiaoli. On May 28, 2018, Kass issued a press conference and opened the mirror. The main frequency of TV is first broadcasted at 10:00 on July 14th, LINE TV is uploaded every Saturday night at 11:30, and Dongsen Comprehensive Station is broadcasted at 10:00 on July 21st. Iqiyi is on Sunday morning. At 10 o'clock, CHOCO TV and LiTV online video will be broadcasted every Monday at 12:00 noon. Connected to the "Pagoda of the Tower", the behind-the-scenes broadcast of the drama. The protagonists are four good friends who have met in the orphanage in the countryside. They grew up together and pursued their dreams. The hero and heroine are a pair of lovers who are destined to be together. On the way to find love, there may be a fall or a middle exit. But in the end it will definitely return to the track.
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